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Updated COVID-19 News

Greetings from Gameday Baseball in Cordova, Tennessee. We hope that you and your family are staying safe during this unprecedented time.

We will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by our local government and local health department and will take extra steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

For More Information Contact: Anna Kilgore at or call 901-531-7410 
You will notice the following:

**Tickets will be available for purchase on our website the week prior to the tournament. We highly recommend this for contactless, quicker entry to the park. Just bring proof of purchase (email confirmation on your iphone, or printed copy).

·         Tickets can also be purchased outside the front doors – with six feet apart rules applied
·         Entrance to park will be through the gate on the south side of the building and exit will be at the gate on the north side of the building.
·         Access to bathrooms will only be from outside the building once you enter the park. No one will be allowed inside the building except to go to the bathroom.
·          Visitors will be required to bring their own chairs. We will not allow anyone to sit in the bleachers- six feet rule applies
· Coaches correspondence with Tournament Directors will be allowed through the outside window of the Tournament Director's Office
·         Players will not have to be restricted to the dugouts. Players may sit in  dug out, outside dug out or in bleacher area on their side of field
·         Players, coaches and umpires will not shake hands before or after the games.
·         Concessions will be bottled drinks and pre- packaged items only     
·         Masks for visitors are required
·         Umpire positioning will be at the discretion of the umpire
·          Sharing of equipment is not recommended but optional
·         We will have hand sanitizer placed throughout park, but you are encourage to bring  your own
·         Teams are encouraged to use hand sanitizer every other inning during game (provided by team)

Please DO NOT attend if you:
·         Have a fever (100.3 +) the day prior to the games or on the day of the games
·         Have recently lost the ability to taste or smell
·         Feel weak or flush
·         Been in close contact with someone who has been a confirmed case of COVID-19
·         Experiencing shortness of breath , cough or sore throat